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Команда BlahBlahTeam
Globedoo help people with their self-development and give them a chance to study abroad. This app solve the problem with small quotas in Uzbekistan's universities.

Globedoo - app that finds for you all possible education programs, according to your parameters. There are all types of programs: scholarships, grants, challenges, courses, summer and short-term programmes. All what you need to do is to enter your parameters (name, age, level, country, address, gender) and Globedoo will select you only suitable programs. That's why this application will save your time for searching educational programs.

Ментор команды: Ирина Матвиенко. IT-менторы: Юрий Красильников, Jorillo Abdullaev.
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/bCFXQ8
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/fVnbztz_3HUrLH
Команда Girlz Power
MindEx is an application that unites a community of lifelong learners and all struggling students for building a family of learning with high expectation and high academic performance.

MindEx enables students to interchange their knowledge and contribute to the development of future young achievers. MindEx provides a verified and credible material for prospective students - a route to successful education trodden by other learners. Let`s achieve excellence together!

Команда (участники и менторы) полностью сформированы из студентов Университета Инха в Ташкенте.

Менторы команды: Farangiz Nurmukhamedova, Anora Kosimova, Laziza Nasridinova. IT-волонтер: Azamat Majidov.
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/Lm8yxR
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/v2MYkI843HUrLg
Команда LimitBusters
Linkey is an app for youth from 13 to 25. Our app allows connecting students of schools, lyceums, colleges, universities by their interests.

Every student in Tashkent can use it if they have a mobile phone and access to internet. Linkey solves problems of difficulties with school program understanding, sedentary lifestyle of teenagers.
We have two subdivisions of our app: the first is education issues, the second is health. Our app allows finding people, who do not mind to exchange their knowledge with others. Users can create sport events, invite people to play team sports like: football, basketball.

Ментор команды: Наталья Юсупова. Технический ментор: Жасур Шукуров
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/tIACHw
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/aiJci3-u3HUrNB
Команда MissTechno
Our team strives to support improvements in education and make a positive difference in citizens' lives by providing superior application that help people learn to think.

The main goal of our Inside app is improve the quality of high psychological education, provide with articles and resources to better understand and care about our community.

We added to our application Inside some features which motivate people to the positiveness. As well as by our app you can easily find books, about business, educational and , listen music for relaxing, and meditation. Moreover, life quotes to inspire humankind.

Ментор команды: Эльвира Кудакаева. Технические менторы (Inha): Shakhzoda Yunusova, Shokhsanam Shirinkulova
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/h6dH4z
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/oS02xjCX3HUrNG
Команда NI(Nascent Inspiration)
Insider is a career guidance application that will help you find yourself and your path.

Insider is a multi-level game, each level is represented by a separate game genre (rpg, text quest, etc.). The tasks of the game are non-standard situations that help to identify personal characteristics and determine the future profession. Also, the application will be useful for young people who want to change the scope of activities.

Команда полностью сформирована из учащихся и преподавателей ТПКИТ (Ташкентского Профессионального Колледжа Информационных Технологий).

Ментор команды: Анна Буланик. Технические менторы: Ровшан Махсудов, Марат Валидов
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/pb4fs4
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/PxJdwKqL3HUuuC
Команда UIT (United Innovation Team)
G.I.F.T.mobile application is developed to help students to find sources of education financing, grants or job vacancies, and organizations can choose potential applicants for job vacancies or training among large numbers of students.

Uniqueness is the application give the user constantly updated information about all current projects of grants or vacancies in one app, he needn't look at different Internet resources. The student has the opportunity to apply simultaneously for several vacancies and grants, using the application, and the organizations can invite the suitable applicant to vacancies themselves.

Менторы команды (Университет Инха): Алина Лян, Мадина Рауфова
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/qvgyXk
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/cwlAJQIf3HUrPG
Команда CG5 (creative girls)
The purpose of Love&Protect application is to reduce cruelty to animals and help with loss of animals in Tashkent.

If you lose your pet or if you see cruelty to animals,you can send immediately your announcement, which will be published in social networks and send to societies and police.
And also, the application gives the owners the opportunity to receive all the information about the care of the pet and about vet clinics, chemistry, pet shops.

In addition, in the application there is a button"DONATE" through which, you can provide financial assistance to those in need of this homeless, sick or from an animal shelter.

Ментор команды: Евгения Сон. Технические менторы (ТПКИТ): Малика Байманова, Ровшан Махсудов, Марат Валидов
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/J5Uuw5
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/dd00_Uvr3HUwWR
Команда EcoLife
EClean is an Android mobile app which focuses on improvement household waste sorting and recycling system in Uzbekistan, through connecting residents and waste recycling companies. As well as, our app aims to increase awareness of population on importance of waste sorting and recycling through providing useful information and wide range of advices.

EClean provides opportunities for proper waste handling and increase share of recycling wastes, where residents and waste recycling facilities take advantage of exchange.

Менторы команды: Озода Исмаилова, Шахло Рашидова. Технический ментор (Инха): Munavvara Khusniddinova. IT-волонтер: Сарвар Умурзаков.
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/jPmZqE
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/68id3NkE3HUwWa
Команда Ecosavers
Our app called #Tree Love is related to environment and will help to make our city greener. The purpose of our app is to increase the number of trees planted by mobilizing volunteers. Volunteers will initiate group tree planting by publishing information in the app. Other volunteers will be able to join this initiative also using the app.

Moreover, we will have an online store where volunteers will be able to purchase trees, flowers and equipment for planting. Also we will have a calendar where all major events such as Earth Day will be published.

Ментор команды: Диёра Кабулова. Технический ментор: Жасур Шукуров
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/y6JZaC
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/ysx1w1l13HUwX6
Команда The World Savers
Substantial number of environmental problems are directly affected by water stress.

Drop Stop is an innovative app that helps to control and be aware of water consumption, track payments for water and also daily usage via smartphone. Moreover, it is ideal for finding available and free water sources (wells, houses) nearby location.

Менторы команды: Мила Мун, Нозима Эгамова. Технический ментор: Дмитрий Тигай
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/lRm1hc
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/0Gf38puE3HUwWj
Команда BraveHearts
Apart from providing a decent work for pensioners, WisePower deals with inequality and discrimination. 67% of retirees around the world are reliant on either state or their families as it gets harder for them to obtain jobs. Wise Power deals with age discrimination and will hopefully diminish those numbers!

Looking for a qualified and experienced specialist? Your business needs mature and highly committed workers? Now it is faster than ever!

WisePower delivers a number of newest resumes of retired professionals every day to ease your work. Simple and fast-loading search will help you to find the best fit and review your potential employees' profiles!

Менторы команды: Камилла Муминова, Малика Норова. Технический ментор: Шерзод Агзамов
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/bsWLf3
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/lDHhhM7M3HUxi7
Команда #CodeLuck
All people have equal rights to live a full life and take part in all aspects of society irrespective of whether they live in their own houses or in retirement homes and orphanages

Mercy Application provides targeted help to people living in social establishments. Having application, mobile telephone and internet access, the user will definitely know how to help orphanages or retirement homes. The list includes items that are always required in social establishments.

The elderly in retirement homes and children in orphanages are in need of warm companionship and sincere interaction. Our application allows joining volunteer groups in charity events. By using Mercy Application every citizen may improve the life of the elderly staying in retirement home and children living in orphanages.

Менторы команды: Руфина Ахмедиева, Татьяна Даурова. Технический ментор (Инха): Бобур Заитов
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://youtu.be/xWXc_u-k_r4
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/V_8wHhj63HUxi8
Команда AppCrunch
Node is the first online social community application for seniors in Uzbekistan. Node was designed to connect mature adults, help them overcome loneliness and discuss their issues and share the ideas.

The platform is being developed by the information distributed by seniors themselves and will be supported by doctors and other professionals who set up profile pages to meet needs of older customers.

Гульшан Хашимова, из Самарканда, самостоятельно, и без помощи менторов, за 3 месяца изучила учебную программу и подготовила свой проект. Восхищаемся целеустремленностью Гульшан!

Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/QDLSlO
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/_lmLMsPM3HUyYL
Команда Bright Minds
Our HealTech application help people find and get the information about hospitals and doctors. Through our program, users can search and find hospitals, their contacts, address, route and map. Users can also find out particular doctors' information and working hours. They can see available hours of doctors and arrange the attendance. Moreover, our application will help hospitals and patients to save and store patient medical history virtually.

The launch and the use of our application will improve health care system in Uzbekistan, give an opportunity to develop a medical service, give an operational excellence to hospitals and get the satisfaction of patients with the service.

Менторы команды (Университет Инха): Рано Собирова, Наталья Цой. Технический волонтер: Озодрух Абдуллаев
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/DdGHuR
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/P6KS3ZZc3HUyYM
Команда Codeventure Time
The stability of mental health of young generation is vital for our prosperous future. We believe this application will bring greater awareness to the society about the vulnerability of teenagers; make teenagers become aware of psychological support they can get; develop the skill of searching the right solutions to their problems.

The main aim of our Hearten Up! application is to convey a message to teenagers that they are not alone and provide the needed mental support. We tried to make a beautiful but at the same time very simple user-friendly interface. We divided our application into boys' and girls' parts with different content and design for each of them.

Conditionally, the content of our app is split up into "solution" and "support" categories. As sometimes it is more needed to feel loved and powered, we emphasize both actual steps (i.e. "Solution") along with different ways to cheer one up ("Support").

Менторы команды: Фазилат Аллаярова, Саида Умарова
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/yOY7gb
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/4EZ1dHVJ3HUyYP
Команда Emerald
In Uzbekistan, about 18-19 thousand people with cancer are diagnosed every year, more than half of them are children. Most cases lead to death. One of the main causes of deaths in our country is the lack of funds for treatment and purchase of drugs and lack of blood because the donorship in Uzbekistan not so proliferated. To change this situation and help the children, we created OncoHelp-an effective, safe application that will unite all kind people of our country to help children and give them hope for life.

OncoHelp is an application that will give a chance to treat children with cancer in Uzbekistan. Features: Material assistance, donation, volunteering, purchase of children's art works.

Through this application, everyone can donate money without leaving home, take a test and find out when a person can become a blood donor (saving their time and the doctors' time in consultation about blood donating) and fill out a donation form, become a volunteer offering their help, so anyone can buy children's art work, thereby helping them collect money.

Ментор команды: Озода Кабилова
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/PE7OVX
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/ASKk5vxl3HUyYV
Команда Future generation
Open hearts application is aimed at finding effective forms of voluntary donor movement, promoting a healthy lifestyle for our modern society.

The application consists of two parts, namely for those who need donations and for those who are willing to be a donor. The main goal of the application is to spread blood donation among the whole population of Uzbekistan, by developing a convenient tool that allows to receive in emergency cases information of the needed blood and the group to which it belongs. Donor volunteers will receive the message and immediately help the patients that are in need.

Приложение доступно для скачивания в Google Play Market.

Менторы команды: Озода Умарова, Дильдора Турсунова. Технический ментор: Отабек Абдуманнапов
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/mPNSSt
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/8XI1BHa33HUyYX
Команда Ladies in-tech
Our team is developing an application named as "E-medical", which contains all the information about the doctors, clinics, prices for services and medicines. It allows users of this application to make an appointment with a doctor in Tashkent city from anywhere in the country.

There are many cases when due to primary reasons we can not go outside and search remedy in pharmacies. Here "E-medical"comes to help and alleviate your job where you can easily get exact and relevant information in depth. The main task of "E-medical" is lucid, complete and up-to-date information providing. However, "E-medical" is just economically profitable mobile application, convenient for every user.

Менторы команды: Асель Абдугазиева, Екатерина Андрияхина. Технический ментор (Инха): Дильбар Бобокулова
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/AyVqi7
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/O9kTxkrX3HUz4i
Команда D.W.A. (Dream-Work-Achieve)
Every user of `ThankU`app can become a member of arising community of volunteers in Uzbekistan. Our project is designed for increasing straightforward contact with suffering people, animals and environment.

We do not require any financial support from people. The things we appreciate the most are the physical and moral abilities which are vital in solving problems. The users should just register in our app, write a description of themselves, wait while companies or organizations give them suitable volunteer work. In addition, people can post photos taken during the process of giving helping hand to spread altruism and kindness.

Ментор команды: Саодат Гапарова. Технические ментор (Инха): Shakhnoza Ozodova, Mokhinur Raupova
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/7heGek
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/bbtqSJd63HUzoX
Команда Techno squad
Our app's called "Yordam". It's aimed for children at the age of 5–15 whose parents want to know the location and be sure about the safety of their children.

In our daily life, parents often face the problem of not being informed of the current location of children. This app is created to prevent potential accidents. With the help of the app, children will be under supervision of their parents or guardians.

Other than that, the app provides a special function that sends an urgent message to parents with the precise position data of their child in case of emergency.

Ментор команды: Марина Корочкина. Технические ментор (Инха): Yulduz Khodjaeva, Gulshad Yuldasheva. Волонтер: Kobiljon Toshnazarov

Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/xyR7GB
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/cwnz25kZ3HUzob
Команда Cyber-Girls
Donate with every purchase. Do Good app helps people to do charity with daily routine while they are buying something in the markets or shops.

Anywhere you can spend your money and make this world a little better.

Менторы команды (Инха): Dilnurakhon Tokhirova, Mukhlisa Anvarova.
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/JNU6ml
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/1JXQE6MR3HV2Av
Команда Unique Union
There is a growing tendency of sharing economy sector nowadays.

Our JoinME app makes it possible to use a taxi service or to rent an accommodation for people in Tashkent that could not afford it earlier.

The application helps to find a companion for car sharing or a rommate for accommodation sharing in order to split the payment. For contact purposes there is a function of calling a chosen companion or a taxi company in case of absence of matches in destinations.

In addition, JoinME provides a donate option, which sends you to a web site with a wide range of donation organisations.

Менторы команды (Инха): Сабина Акбарова, Khurshidakhon Bakhtiyorkhujaeva
Демо-видео, с описанием работы приложения: https://goo.gl/Lv5kaX
Бизнес-план команды: https://yadi.sk/i/E4k68DDP3HV2Aw
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